FEATURED Contactless Delivery Vendor

Welcome to Contactless Delivery Directory, where you can find a Vendor / Service to deliver your food/service or item with out contact.

Some Important Tips

  • Happy Customers

    This is a great way to make customers happy as well as protect customers health. Have you delivery delivered with out touching the delivery person. With an increased focus on the safety of both customers and employees, some places are now offering Contactless Delivery nationwide. No matter the location, for customers wanting a more contactless option that prefer their order left at the door upon delivery, no problem

  • New Innovation to Keep Employees & Customers Safe

    1. At checkout, the customer clicks on Delivery Instructions and writes in how they'd like their food delivered. For example: "Contactless Front Door"

    2. Customers can prepay and tip using any credit or debit card

    3. The delivery driver will notify the customer once the food has been dropped off

    4. Getting customers their food on their terms via Contactless Delivery, Curbside Pickup, Contactless Carryout

  • Delivery Orders

    For delivery orders, drivers drop meal packages at building entrances, disinfect their delivery bags and wash their hands more frequently. Drivers carry ID cards showing that they - and the people who made and packaged their food - had their body temperature scanned to prove they do not have a fever.

  • Fully Responsive

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the coronavirus can be transmitted between people when an infected person, standing within 6 feet of someone else, coughs or sneezes. With more people being asked to work from home or self-quarantine as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rise, the use of food delivery services may spike. Minimizing contact where possible is one way to potentially reduce the risk of spreading the virus among customers and delivery workers in all industries.